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Congratulations on your Pregnancy! I do hope all is going well for you especially in these challenging times. Please refer over to my new website www.birthingwithconfidence.ie with new class dates. All Hypnobirthing classes are all on- line for the foreseeable future. Thank you, Brenda

Your pregnancy is an evolving transformational journey of growth! It is an opportunity for us to understand ourselves, our bodies even more as we grow mentally and physically for the birth. Your precious baby too is preparing for birth and I believe it is every baby’s right to be born as gently and calmly in to this world. That is why proper ante-natal preparation is crucial in understanding the birthing process. Research has shown that women who prepare mentally and physically for birth have shorter labours, less discomfort, fewer complications and thus proceed to have a positive experience around this important ‘rite of passage’ in to Motherhood.

ANTE NATAL Education

Antenatal Education is designed here to offer you and your birthing companion many different choices to look at and research in the antenatal period, depending on your individualised circumstances. Choices include Hypnobirthing classes, regular Ante-natal classes and Breastfeeding classes. These classes are fun, interactive and small, no more than 4 couples. I am a fervent believer in effective antenatal education and have diplomas in Hypnobirthing (Mongan Method) and KGHypnobirthing, Mindfulness, Reflexology, Homeopathy and also Hypnotherapy and Mind coaching in resolving any previous birth related trauma cases.

I would highly recommend this course and especially the birth breathing which helped so much in the end.

Midwifery Homebirth Service

 Hello, my name is Brenda Campion O’Toole. I am a registered midwife who trained in the UK with over 20 year’s experience. Since 2013 however I have been catching babies as a Self Employed Community Midwife (SECM) in the Midlands area contracted to work on the HSE free homebirth pathway.

See www.Communitymidwives.ie to check out who we are and if there is a midwife in your area to offer you this amazing service.  Never before has there been a spotlight on Homebirth especially in these ‘Covid- 19 times; women are finding out more about this free service and is proving to be a viable option for women.

WE are a collective of midwives who offer a homebirth service to low risk women. We act as your primary midwife, offering continuity of care throughout your pregnancy in conjunction with your GP and maternity hospital. See https://www.hse.ie/eng/services/list/3/maternity/homebirth-services.html

Brenda was with us every step of the way and gave us the confidence to envisage the calm, natural birth we craved.

Hypnobirthing classes & Ante-natal courses

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Would you like to contact me about anything? I’d be delighted to answer your antenatal questions.

Call me on (086) 832 8859 or Email: bcampionotoole@gmail.com


Due to Covid-19 Classes will be held online (not recorded) and the format has changed to 3 weekly classes ( 3 hours a class) until further notice.
Classes are reduced in price through this difficult time and can be claimed back against your insurance policy.