Brenda O’ Toole – Practising registered midwife, Clinical Hypnotherapist,HypnoBirthing teacher and Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

I have been teaching ante-natal classes with a holistic approach since 2007. I use Hypnotherapy, Mind coaching and Hypnobirthing specialised techniques plus other complementary therapies, an integrated approach promoting wellness and wellbeing which promote confidence and trust in Mother’s ability to birth. There is also sound science behind this too! What I aim is to normalise birth for parents, seeing it as a challenge, not a threat, seeing it as a celebration of life by taking the fear and anxiety out of birth.

I have always worked from the belief that ‘Pregnancy is a life event and not a medical event’ for healthy women and their babies. I believe in giving women a holistic approach to pregnancy and birth, based on their individual needs, using Hypnotherapy and Hypnobirthing specialised techniques and offering optional supports such as Homeopathy, Reflexology, massage and acupressure. These additional therapies support the emotional side of a pregnant woman which can often be neglected in pregnancy.

We were so delighted that it all went so smoothly with no tension or intervention and most of all how calm and relaxed the birth was.

Why did I become a HypnoBirthing practitioner?

During my years working as a midwife I have noticed increasingly high levels of medical intervention alongside increasingly high levels of fear amongst Mothers and partners. I have always been interested in giving couples the most effective preparation for birth. I have looked at other child birth education programs and chose HypnoBirthing ® ( The Mongan method) and later Katherine Graves (DipHb(KGH) as it empowers women and their partners to embrace birth as a natural, wonderful and a joyful experience no matter what way baby decides to come. It also gives Partners an integral role in this process thus strengthening families and bonds. Hypnobirthing has a science behind it. It is an education of the mind that allows for a positive birthing experience, whatever path your birth takes you. Unfortunately a lot of the time negative thoughts and self- limiting beliefs can prevent us from achieving our goals or wishes. The Mind/Body connection is very real.
Women today are influenced so much by stories, media or Hollywood movies which portray birth as painful and agonizing; We cannot but be affected by these movies or stories. These perceptions unfortunately shape our reality leading us to sometimes disappointing birth experiences. Women sometimes hear it from their friends, their families, in that effort to prepare them for the ‘inevitable’ event. Some people say nothing at all as they are unsure what to say to help. People want to help, they mean well. They just don’t know how and invariably perpetuate the myth.

My classes encourage you to focus on what is important and assisting you to change any unwanted limiting patterns. Remember that your perception shapes your reality.
There is a way that birthing can be easier, more comfortable and that is the Hypnobirthing way. It can be so different. Severe pain is not always inevitable.
Why are we perpetuating these myths in society? This way of looking at birth?
Education is key. Learning to find your way to approach birth is key. Let me help guide you…

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