I am passionate about helping women and their partners have a happy, healthy and calm birth in as natural a manner as possible. All mums-to-be can benefit from clear information about labour and baby care, and the opportunity to explore their feelings about birth and motherhood. I provide a range of high quality and personal services during your special nine months and beyond. Please feel free to look around or call me to discuss your needs.
Refresher & Ante-natal programmes
This ‘active birth’ programme allows you to be very informed about your pregnancy, focusing on what you want and need, giving you choices on your pregnancy, your birth and in the early days after your baby is born. This is based on up-to-date evidence based research and hospital guidelines re pregnancy and birth. The class can also explore use of complementary therapies as a safe means of support, Homeopathy, reflexology and massage.
Individual one to one private regular classes/refresher courses tailor made to your specific needs in the comfort and privacy of your home. All participants on the one day workshops/ private consultations are followed up with ongoing telephone or e-mail support to discuss the day and follow up on any concerns for example should a birth plan need to be discussed later on. This class can be claimed back through your insurance provider.
Refresher Classes
To refresh yourself on what you need to focus on, usually takes about 2 hours depending on needs of parents.
Pregnancy Reflexology
Reflexology is very safe and a very effective means of relaxing the body. Promoting relaxation in pregnancy is imperative as it helps Mother to be well but has a very calming effect on baby. Your baby is nurtured and so thrives. The word ‘reflex’ means to reflect. Pressure points on your feet and hands reflect all the parts of your body both external and internal. These pressure points are stimulated by a compression technique applied with the fingers. Where there is inhibited functioning or disease of a particular organ or area, we find conjestion in the form of deposits on the feet, that have not been cleared away by the venous circulation and the lymph. Places on the feet where there are ‘conjestion deposits’ will feel tender, sensitive or positively painful; or they may feel hard, tight or lumpy, or like little grains. If these can be worked with massage and compression techniques they begin to disperse, thus the corresponding body part will be stimulated and enabled to heal itself. The body is always trying to heal itself, if given the chance, always trying to balance itself thus Reflexology is a gentle therapy that allows this process to happen, gently allowing the body to detox and relax to restore that balance. A case is taken prior to treatment and a client is advised to drink lots of water afterwards to allow the body to release the conjestion/deposits/ toxins.
Homeopathy is very safe (using non toxic remedies) and effective to use during pregnancy and birth (if natural laws/principles are adhered to, see below) Conditions such as nausea and vomiting, back pain, tension, indigestion, heartburn, headaches or emotional upsets; can be used v effectively as a support therapy through labour. Guidance and a small kit are given out for labour if required. Over the last ten years there has been a strong movement towards the idea of taking responsibility for our own health, which has resulted in a huge demand for methods of healing, which takes a look at the whole person- emotionally, mentally, as well as physically.
What is Homeopathy?
Homeopathy is a profound system of medicine which powerfully stimulates the body’s own healing mechanism to reinstate health and wellbeing. Around the body is an electro-magnetic energy field, or aura, which can be seen by some people and this is where homeopathic medicines have their primary action. This energy animates all life and departs at death. Homeopathy is an energy medicine. It is called ‘chi’ in Chinese medicine and ‘prana’ in Sanskrit which means breath or vital force. All matter consists of atoms which vibrate at different speeds. Homeopathy is the art and skill of matching the vibration language, therefore, which help the homeopath to select the curative remedy, The foundations of this healing system rest very firmly on natural laws, these laws are summed up as follows; The Law of Similars (like cures like), Totality of symptoms; Minimum dose; Single remedy and the Direction of cure (Herings law of cure). The medicines are referred to as remedies and are made from substances obtained mostly from plants and minerals, and some from the animal kingdom. They are normally taken in the form of small white pills that are dissolved under the tongue and they can also be obtained as tinctures or powders. Homeopathy can be used very effectively in self prescribing, treating accidents and minor ailments, pain, swelling, shock, sunstroke, jetlag, insect stings as long as the basic principles (laws) are adhered to. Remedies to help some emotional upsets can also be given. People with long-term illnesses are advised to see a registered Homeopath as regular visits are needed here to prescribe constitutionally over a period of time to restore health. There are first aid courses/introductions to Homeopathy that enable the prescriber to become more confident.
V.B.A.C. (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean)
This programme allows you to be very informed about your pregnancy, giving you choices on your pregnancy. This is based on up-to-date evidence based research and hospital guidelines. Different hospitals have different guidelines re V.B.A.C. and there are varying success rates between hospitals. So it’s worth checking out which hospital offers you the highest success rate.
Breastfeeding Class
This allows a Mother to be very confident in the art and science of Breastfeeding.
“Brenda was constant support throughout and gave great medical advice as well as reflexology and homeopathic advice, espicially in the overdue days and it helped us a lot when dealing with the hospital as they respected our decisions and knew they were well thought out and always had the baby’s welfare first. “


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