HypnoBirthing classes

There are three different teaching formats which hopefully will facilitate the demands of each modern woman!


****************************Classes facilitated by a REGISTERED PRACTISING MIDWIFE.***************************************

***************************6 HypnoBirthing tracks given out, with book files and music*********************************************

Format 1. Four consecutive Saturday mornings 10am to 1pm over the course of a month. Refresher class at 38 weeks included. See bottom for future dates.

Format 2. I have started to run classes over 2 full days (foundation course) on Sundays or Saturdays earlier in pregnancy 22 weeks on…. with a refresher / motivational class FROM 35 weeks since last year. Couples can come to as many’ refresher classes’ as they wish closer to end of their pregnancy. This is important to re affirm their new perception of birth. This format is now proving to be my most popular choice of class as it entails** 4 CLASSES IN TOTAL UNLIKE OTHER COURSES. This has again come about due to feedback from couples (constantly auditing classes!) as sometimes it is not feasible for some couples to put aside 4 Saturdays in a row due to life’s demands.

Format 3. For those Mothers/couples that are unable to attend weekends there will be a week evening class. See end of page for future dates.

Class content

Over the HypnoBirthing course you will learn What is HypnoBirthing about? It is about understanding how our brain works, the power of our wonderful imagination and working with the potential of how our bodies work; changing our mindset around birth; how to tap in to our birthing hormones and and change our perception around birth for the better. You will learn sports psychology techniques for pregnancy and birth. You will learn how to use the power of Hypnotherapy and hypnosis. When starting out with hypnosis it is usually effective when done with a practitioner. This is because Hypnotherapists are trained and experienced to provide the right hypnotic tone, deepeners, pacing, cues and suggestions. Experiencing first hand deep relaxations in class will give you the know how on how to practice at home successfully, learning to re-wire your brain from fear/anxiety to confidence. You will learn how partners/husbands can best support Mothers -to -be, in a fun and supportive environment with other expectant parents. Practical work. comfort measures. Mindfulness. Breathing techniques. Imagery. Visualisations. Recovery tips. Learning to work with the sensations of labour together. Waterbirth. Discussions also on other pharmalogical analgesias. You will learn how HypnoBirthing works in terms of navigating the hospital system, the use of evidence -based practice to help support your birthing choices. Promoting Mother- led care which supports ownership of her birth.

What is normal labour? How can I best help myself? Why are there so many induction of labours? How can I avoid an induction?

Will my hospital/midwife/consultant support my wishes?. What is low risk? High risk? Will my partner know how to support me? Will my partner know what comfort measures to use and when? All these are explained so that couples are very informed. Who can tell which way a birthing path can take but working with the HypnoBirthing philosopy couples are given support (phoning up Brenda and asking for a second oponion is very common and these phoncalls are welcome!) and can shift the odds in their favour towards a more relaxed positive birthing experience.

You will see videos of women giving birth calmly, instinctively and confidently at every class.

What about complementary therapies?  Homeopathy, Acupressure, Reflexology.  Absolutely!

You also receive 6 HYPNOBIRTHING CD’S /SCRIPTS to work with and a copy of the HypnoBirthing book by Marie Mongan. The book can be posted out prior to the course starting so you can have it read and fully participate in the relaxations and techniques taught in class. Care of the newborn, feeding choices, breastfeeding (avoiding the initial pitfalls!) etc, how to look after you new born baby.  A HypnoBirthing Mother normally comes in with her baby to talk about her experience that she had in the hospital, usually a Mother who has birthed locally in Portlaoise Midwifery unit.

You will have continuous support to the end of your pregnancy. If any concerns arise towards the end of pregnancy support will be given by Brenda.

These classes reach far beyond the birth for Mother, Father and baby.The techniques learned are found to be invaluable in many other situations in life. My aim is to provide a nurturing environment for expectant parents to learn, to explore their feelings, hopes and fears around birth, giving confidence rise to their inherent ability to give birth comfortably and gently. Mothers can free themselves of harmful emotions that lead to pain and unyielding muscles. These classes are an amazing journey of growth where Mother and Father become aware of how much they can contribute and the importance of family bonding

Format 1.   Classes on hold at this time due to busy Midwifery community practice. Will be rescheduled later in 2018.

Format 2.  (most popular)                            

*Emo/ Mountmellick Classes for 2017 include the following dates: (plus as many three hour refresher classes as you want from 34 weeks). Please book early as these classes are popular and  book out quickly. Classes are small so as to allow for individual needs.

February 11th/18th

March 4th/11th…….

April 1st/8th……April 29th/May 6th,

May 20th/May 27th

NO CLASSES in JUNE due to heavy Community midwifery workload.

July 1st/8th.

August 26th/September 2nd.

More classes will be advertised.

Format 3  weekday classes will resume January 2018 at 730pm (set of 3 consecutive classes) for those of you that are unable to attend weekends. These classes are cancelled for the moment due to homebirth midwifery demands.

For couples that have already done the course and are on a subsequent pregnancy and wish to refresh on things please contact me and I will arrange to do a refresher for you at a reduced rate. 

Please contact me to if there is anything you would like to discuss. I would be more than happy to talk to you.

Location of classes – Emo/Mountmellick, Co. Laois (off Junction 15 m7) and now starting in Kilkenny city in 2018

Call Brenda on (086) 832 8859.   Give the gift of HypnoBirthing to a loved one  * Gift vouchers available*

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Thank you! Would love to hear from you and answer any queries you might have.

Would you like to contact me about anything? I’d be delighted to answer your antenatal questions. Call me on (086) 832 8859
I would highly recommend this course and especially the birth breathing which helped so much in the end.